Five Most Common Dog Injuries

The injuries suffered from a dog bite might be quite severe and might lead to severe health consequences. In America, more than a thousand cases of dog bite attacks are reported every day. If the dogs are not properly vaccinated, they can transmit diseases such as rabies and tetanus to the bite victims. A dog attack victim should retain the services of a Riverside personal injury lawyer to recover compensation from the dog owner. In such instances, the animal owner is liable to compensate the victims for the medical care and the trauma they underwent.

Here are the most common injuries found in a dog attack victim.

Puncture wounds

Puncture wounds occur in the areas that the dog’s teeth sunk into the victim’s body parts. In most instances, they are found in the arms and legs and rarely in the neck or buttocks. They are usually not very deep and may not appear serious, as they do not bleed much. Nevertheless, they penetrate several layers of skin and therefore, put the victims at a risk of greater infections. In the case of a dog bite, always seek medical attention before seeking the services of a Riverside personal injury lawyer.


When your are bitten by a dog, the bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms that are found in their teeth are transferred into the wound. Lack of immediate medical care may lead to redness and swelling of the bite areas, which set the stage for more severe infections. Untreated dog bites are the leading cause of tetanus infections in the country, and if not treated properly, tetanus can prove fatal.

Nerve damage

A dog attack can be quite random and in some cases a bite can lead to nerve damage. In the case of trained attack dogs, they attack the most vulnerable areas of the hands and legs to impact maximal damage. In the case of nerve damage, a victim may experience paralysis that results in a life impairment. Additionally, such an attack may lead to damages on various tendons on the body and healing may occur over a long time or never at all.

Facial scarring

Facial scarring is especially common when little children undergo a dog attack. In some incidents, they are quite severe and may require severe reconstructive surgeries to correct the damage. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to eliminate such scars completely, and victims have to bear them for life. Such occurrences are quite burdensome on little children and often lead to emotional scarring as well.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Although some dog bites heal pretty fast, the emotional scars associated with dog attacks persist for a very long time. Victims, especially in brutal dog-related attacks, are often diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndromes. This is a serious emotional problem that is often associated with soldiers returning from war.

Although severe, the emotional pains and scars are treatable by visiting a psychologist or having therapy sessions. In the absence of such treatment, victims of brutal dog attack are unable to lead a normal life.

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